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You can find all the latest software / web development projects on GitHub: /Sn0wlink

Radio Interests - M6WLG

You can find up to date information about my radio interests on the QRZ call page.

Personal Computer Rigs

Portable Daily Rig:
2016 Macbook Air
Elementary OS
i5 5th gen, 4GB Ram, 128GB Samsung NVMe

Secondry Rigs:
x230 - Works heavy grunt (visual studio etc)
Windows 10 + virtual box - debian headless
i5 3rd gen, 16GB Ram, 256GB Evo Pro SSD

Debian - Xmonad + Tmux (Play Rig)
Core 2 Duo, 4GB Ram, 60gb SSD

Personal Servers

Raspberry Pi 3
Development Web Server

Main VM Server
HP Gen8 Microserver
i3 3rd gen
16gb Ram
250gb SSD (Proxmox VE OS)
12TB WD Red Raidz array (VM Data)

Backup NAS
Lenovo IX4-300D
1 x Marvell ARMADA 1.3 GHz Dual Core
512MB DDR3 Ram
8TB Raid 5 Array